MJO Vision

mjoa Thursday June 19, 2008 124

Everything, The Orthodox Youth Movement does, is only a practical expression of its passion for Jesus Christ. Therefore, no obstacle, confrontation or vain glory can obstruct its mission or consecration according to the Lord’s calling.



The Orthodox Youth Movement perceives its pastoral vocation as a way to guide the parish to the field of the Lord, and considers that the authority of the Church is based on love, service, care and respect for the gifts bestowed by the Holly Spirit on each person. Based upon this belief, the Orthodox Youth Movement underlines the importance of an educated priest, as a foundation for the revival of the Church. This explains the special attention put on the Institute of Saint John Damascene established in 1970 at Balamand.  Education is a focal point to the Movement, for it up-brings the person within the community of the body of the Christ. It is a way to exist and grow at the same time.


The movement’s institutions represent tools for the witness to the poor and needy, regardless of their religious affiliation. Their views regarding money stem form St Paul’s: “We seem to have nothing yet we really posses everything”.  All the church’s belongings are at the service of the poor.  The Movement is committed to the human cause in a spirit of justice and righteousness, because it believes that the Kingdom of Heavens begins here.  The social commitment is not only a basic component of the spiritual life but also a prerequisite.


To complete the picture we need to speak about ecumenism. The movement perceives the ecumenical work, as an opportunity to broaden the Christian witness and to discover new brothers and sisters in Christ through joint work.  It also stresses the need to bridge the gaps between all human beings, irrespective of their faith.

N.B. For more information kindly refer to our documentary: “I believe therefore I have spoken” produced my MJO Media.