An-Nour (the light) Magazine

mjoa Tuesday July 1, 2008 117

The fruit of the spirit was the light and the light shines in the darkness. On March 16, 1942 the Holy Spirit was poured in the church of Antioch and God came out to his congregation. Thus, the Orthodox Youth Movement was the light’s victory over the darkness.


This Renaissance movement followed the footsteps of the disciples and acquired its discipleship from the Father who is the Alfa and the Omega, the beginning and the end. The lord said to me “I have put my words in your mouth”. The founder of OYM started to study the church heritage and the deep theological legacy of our fathers. They realized the importance of published materials in the movement publicity. The renaissance dictated on OYM the acquisition of a media tool that will propagate the Good News to all the people. Therefore, An-Nour Magazine was born as a call to discover God and his Word and is still faithful and committed to this mission up till now. It abided by the biblical verse that was on its front page for many years: “I am the light of the world he whoever follows me will have the light of life and will never walk in darkness” (john 8; 12). 

An-Nour was first a small pamphlet with simple layout and French speaking because most of its editors and the OYM founders were students at the missionary schools and the Jesuits’ university.
In order to reach the wider public and all social strata, the magazine was issued in Arabic and committed itself to the church cause. Its editors were well educated orthodox scholars in addition to many correspondents in Lebanon, Syria, Antioch, Mexico, Yafa and Beit Jala in Palestine.

An-Nour does not convey redundant teachings or recite sermons and moral lessons. It attempts to help the orthodox world in the first place and then to the Christian world by contributing to solving the theological, philosophical and social problems. Moreover, it seeks the return to the springs of the church fathers, the living tradition and the purification of the Orthodox theology from the western influences.

Its primary concern is the renewal of the society and the world from within through the risen Jesus Christ from the dead. It works for the rapprochement with other churches and religions thus becoming a forum of constructive and efficient dialogue.

An-Nour Magazine is involved with the church concerns and lamentations. It tackles the theological, historical, social and contemporary issues in addition to the challenges that the believers face in their daily life. In addition, it translates also to the Arab reader the cultural, scientific and theological crops of the western Orthodox thoughts. It travels the orthodox world searching for any news, highlighting its religious and cultural landmarks and making documentaries about its monasteries dioceses and rich orthodox legacy. Its articles cover a wide cultural range from history to religion and society in addition to theology and humanitarian causes. 

An-Nour produces nine issues per year and encompasses many titles and well experienced writers and editors. Its editorial focuses on breaking issues in addition to bible, liturgical and sacramental studies. New editions are provided with a special space that encourages the Arab reader to read and opens new horizons for him/her. Furthermore, the youth have their own space to express their contributions and worries.

An-Nour is a prophetic call in the wilderness of the world. It was commissioned by God when he said: “Today I entrusted all people and kingdoms to you. You shall uproot, demolish, slay, break, build and plant”.


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30 000 LP (Lebanon) 500 SP (Syria)
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