Pastoral Work and Evangelization

The Orthodox Youth Movement teaches that for the Christian person the true renaissance is incarnated at three levels:

  1. The personal level is through a thorough quest for Jesus wherever he may be.
  2. The ecclesiastical level is through the commitment that strengthens the church in its loyalty to its vocation and makes the message it conveys more transparent.
  3. The social level is through the struggle to end poverty, injustice and all forms of human exploitation. .

All these three levels are intertwined and closely linked in the life of a committed Christian. This person, through the individual and collective prayers, the Holy Communion, and the encounters with the word of God, becomes aware of the Christ’s presence in every human being and must alter all the structures that prevent his liberation.

Therefore OYM always strives:

  • To nurture the youth in Christ, in OYM youth meetings, through the bible study, living in communion and the study of the issues o faith and life. Thus, OYM pays special attention on the spiritual journey of the advisor and accompany him.
  • To hold bible study and educational seminars that enhances the religious education.
  • To promote the consecration of all the facets of its members’ life to Jesus Christ and encourage them to be present in the fields of literature, thoughts, culture and information.
  • To hold seminars, round tables and symposiums where all the life, church and social affaires are tackled in the light of Christ.
  • To  prepare and produce media program for  education and evangelization.
  • To cooperate with Orthodox cultural and scientific figures and to enlarge the scope of involvement in pastoral and evangelization work.
  • To look for new fields where to spread the Word and establish new OYM groups.
  • To encourage and develop monastic and clerical endeavors that can surge among its members and to cooperate with the priests and monks in pastoral work.
  • To cooperate with the bishops, the church institutions and the parish councils.
  • To establish church choirs, pastoral teams, and take part in fighting heresies.
  • To instruct its members on the witness for truth and justice.
  • To establish socio-medical centers, charity funds and social programs aiming at alleviating poverty.

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