Christ is Risen

mjoa Tuesday December 2, 2008 252

Christ is Risen
In deed this is moving not death, I can’t say any thing
only one word we miss one of our saint, we miss the love, he was like his teacher.
Now for sure he is standing in front of our Lord who was with him all his life
Please our Lord remember how he walked to serve your parish how he did efforts, how he spent nights how he suffered of people who does not know You and hate him because he loved you more than himself, he left everything for you please Our Lord remember him give him the holiness that he ever worked to get it.
Oh God let him give all the gathered people the real bless.
my mouth can’t say any word
just one word to our Lord please make him as one of Your Saints
Our church lost a great man a great saint we were living under his love and prayer but we will still under his love even he departed from us bodily
God Have Mercy on him and on us
Indeed is risen
Keep him all in your prayer
he will keep us in his prayer