Mine Field

mjoa Sunday February 13, 2011 259

First, draw a square-shaped area for playing the game. This area is nothing but the mine field. Decide the size of the minefield depending upon the number of players. Then, make use of balls, pins, paper cones, etc., as mines and spread them in the mine field. Then, make pairs of the players and blindfold one player of each pair. The blindfolded player of each pair has to enter the minefield and has to cross the minefield without touching any of the items spread in the mine field. The blindfolded player will be guided by the player standing outside the minefield. The pair that will cross the minefield without touching any of the mines wins the game. The game restarts for a pair, if the blindfolded player bumps on any of the mine. Remark: u can edit the rules of the above game by timing the time required for each pair to finish so eventually the team that finishes with the minimum time wins.