Social Emergency Committee

With the beginning of the painful events in Syria, the Orthodox Youth Movement launched the Emergency Organisation (EO) as a translation of the union of faith that unites us with a big portion of Syria’s sons, and as an enacting of the brotherhood that holds us, and as an act of love towards whoever was hit by the economic consequences of these events.

The EO worked on granting its financial donations by coordinating with bishops, parish priests, and coordinators of the centres of the Orthodox Youth Movement. It succeeded in granting the donations on a regular basis thanks to the commitment of a large number of the Orthodox Youth Movement and its friends to help the EO by contributing regularly to its burdens.

Today, despite the change in the events in Syria that led to establishing the EO, there is an ever increasing number of people who are suffering and requiring help. Given that social work has accompanied the journey of the MJO since its establishment, and given that bestowal education has always been primary amongst MJO interests, it was inevitable to confirm the continuation of the EO in its service to the people in need wherever they may exist. When poverty and basic needs around us are on the increase, and when it is getting harder and more expensive to obtain education and hospitalization, faith becomes a mere muttering if people do not experience in us, believers, the softness of heart and the spirit of companionship and giving. Because we are the sons of the faith, we chose to stay in a perpetual determination to alleviate the suffering of all those in need, and we invite everyone to participate in the giving. On the hope that the needy will rejoice and God will be pleased and the gates of heaven will be open to us.


  1.       For enquiries and suggestions please contact the EO via its member of via the following email:


  1.       For donation and direct transfers:

Bank Name :   Fransabank S.A.L

Bank Address:  Gemmayzet  Branch –  Tripoli,Lebanon

Account Number USD:  0301USD1511057231502

IBAN:  LB42 0001 0301 USD1 5110 5723 1502    Swift Code:  FSABLBBX

Account Number Euro:  0301EUR1521057231501

IBAN:  LB78 0001 0301 EUR1 5210 5723 1501    Swift Code:  FSABLBBX

Account Number LBP:  0301LBP1511057231501

IBAN:  LB72 0001 0301 LBP1 5110 5723 1501     Swift Code:  FSABLBBX

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