The Orthodox Youth Movement endeavors to boost ecumenism in the region. This stems from our conviction that working towards unity is the core of the Christian mission. Jesus, himself, prayed for the unity of all believers and God’s salvation plan points at that day when all humanity unites. Along this path, OYM embraces love as a way to defend God’s truth that was handed over to his disciples and was transmitted to us by the Holy Spirit through the sacred tradition. In this way OYM affirms its conviction that truth and love are linked one can not exist without the other.

The OYM attempts to interpret its vision of ecumenism through its participation in the ecumenical institutions that strive to reinforce the pan-Orthodox unity and to deepen the rapprochement between the Orthodox and the other Christians. These institutions include:

  1. Syndesmos: The fellowship of Orthodox Youth Movements that is composed of tens of Orthodox Youth Movements around the world. The OYM was an active and a founding member of Syndesmos which is called to actively reinforce the unity of the Orthodox Youth and the renaissance of the various Orthodox patriarchates. It is important to mention that many OYM members have been occupying key positions in Syndesmos.
  2. The World Student Christian Federation: WSCF is composed of a group of Youth Christian Movements around the world. WSCF strives to spread the word of God, the fellowship and love amidst human kind and to build fields of common witness between its members. The OYM, through its participation in WSCF, aims at achieving these objectives as well as conveying the Orthodox vision to the non- Orthodox WSCF constituency. It is also important to mention that many OYM members have been occupying leadership positions at the Middle East regional level.
  3. In addition, OYM has been participation in many youth activities organized by the Councils of Churches and the local ecumenical initiatives undertaken by Focolare and other Christian organizations.


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