Dr. Costi Bendali in a few lines

mjoa Saturday February 21, 2009 241
Costy Bandaly» Born in 1926 in El Mina, Tripoli (Lebanon), Costi Bendali has been a teacher since 1942. In 1951, he started his career as a state high-school teacher.

» He graduated from the Superior School of Literature in Beirut to continue his higher education at the University of  Lyon III (France), where he received his B.A. in psychology, a diploma in applied psychology and the PhD degree in philosophy .

» He taught psychology courses at both the Lebanese University (1962-1964) and the Superior School of Literature in Beirut (1962-1969)

» With his psycho-educational counseling skills, he accompanied and helped the students in the schools where he taught as well as in the Orthodox Youth Movement. He also put his psycho-educational experience at the service of the parents of young people through the seminars that were organized by a number of private schools in Tripoli.

» Dr. Bendali is the author of several  books published by ‘Al-Nour Editions’ and ‘Al-Nour Coop.’ in various religious, philosophical, psychological and educational subjects.

» He is married and has three children.